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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) A dedicated topic for those seeking help with Axolotls, showing off your photos, or just to talk about them.



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Lucy lu
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Default Food?!?!

Hi everyone
I am going to be getting an axolotl in a few months time!
I was researching foods for them.
Hopefully I can feed earthworms, but if I can't then I have found 2 other foods.
One is sturgeon pellets (meant for feeding to sturgeons I assume)
The other is salmon pellets.
Are these suitable?
If I can't feed live I will feed a mix of these and axolotl specific pellets. Would this work?
The axolotl wold be quite young, in the shop I think they were around 4 inches. What size pellets (mm) would be most suitable?
How many pellets per day approximately?
Just for me to get an idea of cost how long would a bag of pellets last you? And what weight is the bag?
Thank you for your help
Any tips would be greatly appreciated
By the way I am in the UK.

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Default Re: Food?!?!

Worms are the best food if you can get them (I get mine shipped as they aren't available in local stores). I've heard lots of people use salmon pellets with success, though am not sure about sturgeon pellets. Most local fish/pet stores near me sell frozen axolotl cubes which I give as a weekly treat, but I'm not sure if this is available in the UK.
For a 4 inch axolotl you might find bloodworms will work well (feed on a dish or in a jar to minimise mess), and axolotl pellets as I think they are a bit smaller than salmon pellets. I could be wrong, I've never used salmon pellets! Soak the pellets first so they are easier for him to eat.
The amount to feed varies, feed one pellet at a time (give the axie some time to 'chew' and swallow) until they refuse food. If you use frozen bloodworms let them thaw first and the axolotl should hunt them out.
My pellets came in 150g and was around $15, but this is in AUS so is probably completely different for you. I don't really use them so have had this lot for months and barely gotten through 1/3 of it :)
Also when you get your axie ask what they have been eating so you can start with that.
Hope this is helpful!

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