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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum)>Recently purchased Axolotls floating
LM901 19:52 24th August 2017
2 days ago I bought 2 axolotls, a leucistic and wild type and paired them in a tank with enough water and space for them both. I also ensured that they're on sand and not gravel.
This is the first time ever having an axolotl so I'm not entirely sure of what's normal behaviour and what's not

Recently both the Leucistic and Wild type have been floating to the surface of the water and will bob up and down. They're also trying to get out of the water by franticallly trying to swim up the glass. They are able to reach the bottom of the tank easily and will occasionally rest there until they start to float back up again and try to jump out.

We've tried everything and checked the water levels. In the beginning we thought it was the water temperature (as it was really warm when we first got them) and managed to bring it down to a cooler temperature (still not sure of how to maintain a constant temperature, we've tried using fans but I know too much movement on the water is something they don't like.)
The water is at 17 degrees

The only thing left I can think is the water quality as I've noticed that as it's gotten cloudier (from leftover food and such) and have continued to float at water level.
We have a filter which is supposed to do a good job of cleaning the tank and managing ammonia levels.

What could it be that's causing them to try to jump and float at the water level?

We've also considered that it might be stress due to being In a new environment and such but it's been on and off for the past 2 days.

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