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Chlobieo 18:09 20th February 2020
Hi! I am new here but excited to see all the posts and the information

I have two axolotl's- a male (Kirby 2 years old) and a Female (Pip 1 1/2 years old). Kirby is a pink lucy and Pip is a wild type. They have had eggs twice this breeding season. The first time in October- I tried to get a grouping of 30 to survive and only got to a few weeks but ended up losing the entire clutch. This time she laid around 600 eggs and I know I cannot possibly take care of or even get that many babies to survive.

I am looking to sell the eggs before they hatch. I can ship to any legal states in the continental US and would love if someone more experienced with eggs took them. The cost I usually see being asked is 25 cents an egg plus shipping but I am flexible.

If anyone is interested let me know! I would happily share some photos or videos but am not sure if I did it correctly on the site. Hopefully you can see what I tried to attach.

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lissalana 17:03 3 Weeks Ago
This is an amazing site full of wonderful people and amazing info. Usually people will not place eggs in their new home (shipping) until they begin beaning. That way they know the eggs are viable eggs that they are rehoming. Do not refrigerate to slow down the process until you find new homes. I have seen this done and most of the eggs are not viable. I hope this has helped some.

lissalana 17:05 3 Weeks Ago
BTW.. I like your set up.

Chlobieo 00:55 3 Weeks Ago
Thanks for the advice! I actually found someone in my area who also has Axolotls to take them!

SomersetAxolotl 22:16 2 Weeks Ago
Beautiful axolotls - Iím staggered you had such a large second clutch. My axolotls just had their first spawn at 11 months and Iím now (justifiably) concerned that there might be another...-! Glad you found a home for them 🙂

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