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Hanbobs 14:17 10th November 2015
Hi Guys!

My Wild Type female and Leucistic male Axolotls have been up to no good this Fall... these baby making machines have been busy producing enough Axolotls to populate the Moon! (well they are aliens after all).

She laid her eggs a total of 4 times in the space of 6 weeks, and as a consequence I've had to purchase a mesh divider for the time being to separate the love bugs.

This is her second year of giving me the fun task of raising her offspring... in 2014 she successfully laid a whopping 600 eggs - and it was my first time raising larva - she threw me in at the deep end for sure!

I now have 3 different batches of hatched larvae - all hatched within 1 week of one another due to the first batch taking a good 4 weeks to hatch because their water conditions were a lot cooler. These little guys are between 7 - 14 days old now.
I have approx 100 of these cutie pies happily swimming around in a large plastic container with all the Daphnia they can eat and plenty of live plants for shelter.

The 4th and final batch of eggs were laid 1 week ago and are in a separate container, the eggs appear to be developing well and have reached that 'maggot' looking stage.

I'm here to share my photos, stories and anything I can on raising these little buddies. Feel free to share your own!

Below are the Photos of my female, Diego, and male, Hey Bert (Bert for short!).

I'll take some photos of the beautiful babies I have and post them up this evening.

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Hanbobs 23:05 10th November 2015
I managed to get some photos this evening of the Larvae. I removed 2 from the group of 100 so you can see how they differ in colours. The last time Diego laid her eggs they were all Melanoids. This time I'm pretty sure I have some mini Berts in there. You'll see by the photo that one looks like it may be a leucistic.

These 2 guys are approx 2 weeks old...

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Hanbobs 22:54 12th November 2015
Twins - I noticed I have two embryos within the same egg and they both appear to be developing well, like a large majority of the other unhatched eggs I have!

There's also a selection of other photos of the Axi's taken today 12/11/15

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SteGriffWales 01:27 22nd November 2015
love the twins pic

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