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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding>Are these eggs dead?
AmberLouiseT 15:43 23rd April 2016
Could someone please tell me if they think these eggs are dead? They arrived in the post earlier and some are slightly cloudy, one is like a yellow/golden blob, two look like half moon shapes BUT have little cloud-shapes forming in them, as if the embryo is falling apart or something.
They arrived covered in dirt or something and didn't look too great. The lady said they're close to hatching (two have hatched out already) but I'm SURE they're meant to look different.
If these are bad eggs, I'll throw them out and focus on my surviving two until new eggs are available.
Many thanks!

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bellabelloo 22:30 23rd April 2016
I would say the first few pictures look like the eggs are not viable, the last photo they look like two are developing.

AmberLouiseT 12:37 25th April 2016
Thank you!! x

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