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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Unhappy Sick Axie floating on side

Iíve rarely had to post in here over the past 7 years as my Abraham has been quite well, (apart from a couple of illnesses which we got through) and well cared for. Im hoping someone with ALOT experience might be able to assist with options/thoughts ,as it seems Iím running out......

A couple of years ago, while at an exotic vet for similar issue, an X-ray was taken an there was a ďmassĒ seen in his belly area, being the critters they are a biopsy was out of the question. Fluids were taken and heíd picked up an infection which was treated with Flagyl. He came good.

In the past month or so he started gulping up for air (nothing unusual for him) but now it was more frequent and with more gusto (I could hear the gulp sometimes!) I though nothing of it as all other mannerisms where normal and eating habits unchanged. Then 6 days ago, he ate dinner, but threw it up then become sullen, and the last couple of days kicking a rear leg up to the side, and floating tail up (usually after a gulp of air)

So, of to his vet we went yesterday. More fluids revealed inflammation markers, but blood cell counts not as high as they had been on other illnesses. I have started another course of flagyl.

Today Iíve had to take him out of his home and place him in a container, which is floating on top of his tank water to keep chilled, because the leg is getting kicked higher and is now floating half on that side, and appeared to be getting stressed in his large take due to floating/balance/grounding issues. Heís unresponsive to me (other then a flap of the girls when I go over to check on him and ask how he is) .

Iím wondering if this ďmassĒ seen on last imaging has potentially grown to an unaccomdating size, and the gulps for air were a desperate attempt to create some space in his belly????

My water was tested at the vets (it took a sample in) all ok, heís in a 3ft tank, on sand with filter airation.
He hasnít eaten or shown interest in food since his up chuck... soooooo not like him

I should mention heíll be 16 in November

If anyone can shed some other thoughts or insight, it would be greatly appreciated. I feel so helpless and he looks in so much discomfort and I feel mean having to shove (for want of a better word) this medicine down his throat, especially if itís not needed. And donít want to have to put him through the stress of more imaging... just yet!!
While I trust my vet, I canít help but wonder if this is the beginning of the end

Thanks for reading

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Default Re: Sick Axie floating on side

Wow 16! You obviously really care for him, what a great thing to see.
Has he pooped at all? Usually floating (especially the backside) can be gas or constipation. If he is gulping at the surface I imagine he could have air bubbles in his belly. I'm not sure if the mass could be causing it.
What kinds of food have you been offering?

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