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OK, I have 2 Cynops Eniscuada in a 20 long. I was wondering if I could add a japanese weather loach(Misgurnus anguillicaudatus). They are peacful cool-water scavengers, who preetty much ignore other fish. I have haad one before in an aquarium. Plus. They come from the same country as my newts. I dont need to read the arcticle on species mixing diasasters as I already have, and I know its is not normally the best idea but I think this might work. MOre info on them here %20Dojo.htm,,%20Dojo.htm

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I would personally not keep such a large active fish with my newts, especially if they are smaller specimens. There is always a chance that they may become a snack for a hungry and curious loach.

Also, the high activity level of the weather loach would probably stress out the newt. Consider that to a Cynops that is about half the size of your fish all that activity could invoke a predator avoidance response and stress out your newt.

Also it should be considered that the weather loach does best in groups, like most other loaches. A 20 gallon would not be large enough for any group.

Besides the species mixing disaster aspect, one should also understand that is easier to keep species alone as there is less competition for food and resources (hiding spots, etc.) and less chances for mistakes and problems.

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