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Default Newt Aggression/territorial?

Hello again!

Is newt aggression a serious issue? I've been reading on it and certain causes but I cannot pinpoint an exact cause for mine.

I have 2 fully aquatic alpine newts. One is larger than the other. Both are eating well and extremely active.

The larger one, over the last week, started nipping the smaller one during feedings. This behavior seemed relatively normal and I started feeding them on opposite sides of the tank. This helped and it looked like they pretty much ignored each other outside of feedings. This evening, not during feeding, I watched the larger one put the little ones head in his mouth. There has been no abnormal behavior outside of the little one being constipated a couple days back which cleared.

I'm a little worried for the smaller ones safety. The size difference isnt huge but it is noticable. I really do not want it hurt. Should I isolate them or is this a territorial spat that will clear over time? Is the larger one mistaking him for food?

20gallon long, half sand half river rock
Fluval LED lighting on a 12 hour timer
2 large pieces of driftwood that create 2 seperate hiding spots
Java ferns, ancharis (which is struggling to grow), java moss and a pennywort.
2 10 gallon sponge filters
Coolong fan

The tank finally cycled. 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 10 Nitrates. 7.9 PH
Temp stays between 62-65 with the fan running. Sometimes 58-60 after water changes. I do weekly water changes since its cycled and check the parameters every couple days to be safe. I use prime for the water change.

They are currently eating frozen bloodworms and offering chopped nightcrawlers which is cut very small but they tend to spit out instead of eating them.

Thank you

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Default Re: Newt Aggression/territorial?

A little fighting when feeding is normal. With Alpines, their isn't much of a chance of injury with this. I've found Alpine newts to be accepting of sinking newt pellets; and you can also add some live blackworms and frozen brine shrimp to their diets.

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