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FS: USA>For sale: 3 year old wildtype male axolotl
newtsrfun 01:42 27th November 2008
I am trying to find a home for one of my axolotls. He has had a few run-ins with my larger male, and after healing up I have decided that this time I am going to find a new home for him rather then put him back into my tank.

He is healthy, eating well, freindly and gets along fine with other axolotls.

I am asking $45, and I will not ship.

for fastest response, my email is


newtsrfun 03:02 30th November 2008
any takers for $40?? He needs a home, I am packing the last of the stuff for my new place, I don't want to set up another tank....

newtsrfun 01:43 1st December 2008
he has found a home

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