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Leptodactylidae: Pacman, Horned, Budgett's Frogs, etc.>Bioactive enclosure for Ornate horned frogs?
Sith the turtle 16:18 26th October 2017
Hello all! Been a while since I posted a thread, but I am curious if this is a feasible idea or not. Lately, I've considered purchasing a CB Ornate horned frog from a reptile expo, but I was wondering if anyone has or knows about setting up a Bioactive enclosure for one. I do know horned frogs are probably not the best for that kind of enclosure, given their burrowing tendencies and their behavior of sitting in one spot, but I am curious if anyone could or has used them for an enclosure like that, and what plants and invertebrates should be used. Thanks all!

juraj 08:35 30th October 2017
There's no harm in using earthworms, springtails, woodlice. Regarding insects no idea except lepismatidae.

MnGuy 14:56 30th October 2017
Check out BioDude on YouTube for great videos on all kinds of bioactive setups for all kinds of creatures. Chances are that if no one here is responding, they just don't have first-hand experience with your specific question.

Good luck.

Cloppy 17:13 30th October 2017
Earthworms and isopds and some springtails. Sometimes I do not remove all of the poop pellet, because the springtails will be all over it.

salvoz 20:14 30th October 2017
I agree with the springs, isopods and earthworms. Plants (pretty much whatever grows quickly and easily, e.g., pothos) are also a good idea. However, I would say you'd need a fairly good size enclosure, like a 20 gal long, at least, to maintain enough of them to put a meaningful dent in the processing of the large amounts of waste ceratophrys can produce. If in doubt, removing fecal material and replacing with some fresh soil would be a good idea.

Sith the turtle 13:08 31st October 2017
Thanks all! Since I'm planning on getting a juvenile, I'll probably have it in a standard enclosure to start with, and while it grows, construct a 30-40 gallon bioactive setup for it. Thanks again everyone!

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