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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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I've read a few of the other threads, but haven't been able to find one which has listed similar symptoms to my Axolotl.

Last night he became bloated - Belly, neck, arms and legs. His rear end appears to be swollen as well, and he is also having problems with his gills flaking off. He also is seen floating upside at the top of the tank, when he isn't doing this I have seen him gasping for air.

It has been pretty hot the last couple of days, the temp in the tank last night was around ~23 degrees.

I also have another Axolotl who is ultra skinny. They live in the same tank, and have done for the past 6 or so years. Both Axolotls are not eating.

I placed them both in the fridge (Last night) in seperate containers, the temp is around 8 degrees or so.

Is there anything else I can do/check for etc? I haven't been able to test the water for ammonia etc, but nothing within their environment has changed recently (Rocks, logs etc) which could explain the sickness.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Rep: heihei has started on the right path

Take a sample of tankwater to your local aquarium/petshop and ask them to test the water for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates; the heat probably hasn't helped either.

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Thanks Heihei.

I've had them for roughly 6 years or so and have never had a problem with in the past. It has been pretty hot here over the past couple of weeks, so I think that is the main cause of the problem.

I'm hopefully going to make it to the pet store today and get a test kit and test out the water in their tank.

If they both have the same problems/illness, would they react differently? Both of them aren't eating, however one is bloated, and one is skinny.

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bloated, eating, floating, upside

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