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Jari B 20:02 29th November 2010
At my job practise ( a reptile zoo) they have a pair of Amphiuma the male and female seperated because the tank is to small. They want to breed with it but they don't know exactly how, can anyone help us with that?

Greatwtehunter 06:45 30th November 2010
Amphiumas are very rarely, if ever, bred. Only advice I can give you is to do lots of reading about what little we know of their breeding habits and try to best replicate their natural environment as you possibly can. Here are a few links to get started.

Caudata Culture Species Entry- Amphiuma
AmphibiaWeb- Amphiuma tridactylum
AmphibiaWeb- Amphiuma means

joeysgreen 15:28 30th November 2010
I'm definately no expert on the matter, as the above poster has said, they arn't bred in captivity much. However I would suggest starting with a rather large enclosure; they are large animals as you know. Attempting a breeding pairing in a cramped enclosure might just end in a stressfull confrontation.
The only other suggestion I can think, and I'm not sure if it relates to their breeding behavior, but in their native habitat, there is a lot of mud. Muddy banks, muddy bottoms. If you arn't successfull in your breeding attempts, recreating this sort of environment might be something to try.


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