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Axolotl General Discussion>V.Messy Boys and Girls!
sarah 00:28 14th November 2005
Hi all.

Its taken me awhile, but I believe I have sorted out my tank cycling, just need someone to check that this is OK!

It works out that because Bobina and Willy are a very messy boy and girl, that I need to do a water change of about 20% every four to five days. This is the only way to keep the Ammonia and Nitrite levels Very LOW.
I have found that Stress Zyme is no good, but instead I am using GEO Liquid Mineral Magic....does anyone else use this or recommend or not recommend it?
Thanks everyone who has helped me so far with this problem..............looking forward to some more help!

rheann 03:03 14th November 2005

Here is a list of reported safe and un-safe products to use. If it is not listed, contact the Colony to find out:

They usually respond rather quickly to questions concerning Axolotls and their health Click the image to open in full size.

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