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FS: USA>Axanthic and GFP Axanthics Juveniles SALE !
klaydogz 22:14 13th July 2017
I have several Axanthic Juveniles and GFP Axanthic Juveniles available 2 1/2-3"
Axanthics are $45 GFP are $50
Parents are a GFP Axanthic from Aquarius Axolotls (Male)
Axanthic female produced by me from hets from the original lines.
Quantity discounts available.

Express shipping is Guaranteed live arrival and recommended due to summer temps.Will ship anywhere legal .

Parents and babies are pictured on the link.

JLowe92 20:37 16th July 2017
Any confirmed females for sale?

klaydogz 04:00 17th July 2017
It is hard to confirm at 2 1/2 -3" . I do have a couple of adults I will be selling but not at this price.

Steelhead7 00:05 27th July 2017
Do you have any adult males for sale?

RupertxGiles 04:14 31st July 2017

PrincessAxolotl 03:42 8th August 2017
Hi! Are these still available? I wouldn't have the payment till Friday and I would have to use someone else's card, and figure out how payment works bc I never shop online and havn'T bought an axolotl online before but I think I'm ready and I'm super interested. How much would it be with shipping and all?

Soxfan 02:09 17th August 2017
I just sent you a pm :)

Kwhisman223 04:20 6th October 2017
Are any of the grayish ones still available?

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