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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum)>New juvenile axolotl with adult axolotls?
WordsOfFate 01:35 10th January 2020
Hello! I've recently upgraded my two axolotls from their cramped 20-gallon tank to a fully cycled 75-gallon tank. Since they have so much more space now, I've decided to purchase a copper axolotl (which I've been wanting for nearly a year now) online and hopefully by next week, it'll be shipped to me.

This brings me to the big question: can I keep a juvenile axolotl with two fully grown ones? My two current axolotls are both 8 inches long and the juvenile I ordered was listed at about 4 inches, but maybe even a bit bigger.

My two current lotls have been living with each other since they were about six inches (so almost a year now) and have never had an issue with each other, even when they were stuck in a cramped 20-gallon and are actually strangely... affectionate with each other, you could say. Despite having multiple different hides, they always prefer sticking close to each other and even try to squeeze into the same hide together, haha. On top of that, they're really not much of hunters. I'm not sure if it's just them or it's because I keep them well-fed, but they really have no interest in hunting for food. I always keep ghost shrimp in the tank with them as a clean-up crew and very rarely do I ever see them actively trying to catch one. And more so than anything else, a 75-gallon tank is an extremely large space for three axolotls so I feel as if the extra space might also help keep the new axie safe.

Because of all this, I'm feeling confident in introducing a smaller axolotl into the tank, but I really want to hear what you guys have to say. I've only owned axolotls for about a year and a half now so I'm by no means overly experienced.

Kitan 16:15 10th January 2020
So this is not from experience, but it is pretty universally said that if you are adding a new axolotl you need them to be roughly the same size as the current ones, or they will get picked on. The other problem with that size is they aren't sexually mature, so you cant determine gender. Do you want to take care of hundreds of eggs.... or potentially two tanks to seperate them? I know I sure wouldn't!

I don't blame you for wanting a copper though! They are lovely. If you really really want one, my suggestion is to keep it in a seperate tank until it is bigger and you can sex it 😁

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