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Cizza 16:50 22nd August 2007
My Click the image to open in full size.

i was woundering if anyone had a good like for info on these

also do these eat plants?? sorry if a dumb question

Azhael 17:19 22nd August 2007
Nice animal...shouldn´t you have shorted that out before buying it??? They are carnivorous, strictly, as all the adult amphibians (don´t know if there are any exceptions, guess not). You really should have learned about it´s care, including feeding, before you got it...not trying to sound rude, sorry, it´s just that buying first is not a responsible thing to do...
Anyway...check may help.

Azhael 17:43 22nd August 2007
On a different note...Kaloula pulchra are from asia...southern China if i recall this does not really belong into the madagascar section....
Hell i sound like a know-it-all....:S Sorry.....

Ed 20:59 22nd August 2007
They do not eat plants but thier burying behavior may dig up plants...


Cizza 06:31 23rd August 2007
thanks guys and i did check up on there food and i allready had an habbitat made befor i brought him i was just woundering if he would eat plants for sum reason summin put it in my head that he would lol thanks guys

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