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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding>Baby axolotl question?
Ondra1 22:52 9th February 2019
Our melanoid and golden albino recently had babies (a few days before Christmas). There are two variations that I have never seen before and can't find pictures of anywhere to compare them to. I am wondering what type they are - I am posting pictures for comments.


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Ondra1 22:56 9th February 2019
Here is an additional picture. Both colors are almost a pearl tone, one with a green undertone and the other a lavender - pinkish undertone.

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KumquatSquats 22:49 18th April 2019
if im not mistaken very light melanistics can look purple, that little the colors might not be fully developed yet so you might be able to tell better in a week or two

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