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kuawaia 16:18 8th September 2015
My BLACK newt is changing color, going orange in spots and looking mottled. He's done this a few times and when I pick him up he goes back to black. Has anyone seen this before? Do you know what's causing it?

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Sith the turtle 18:03 8th September 2015
I don't know, but I remember reading something about color changes on the article about these guys

Sith the turtle 18:04 8th September 2015
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Some individuals of C. orientalis periodically lighten in color, and the resulting coloration can range from a ground color of ash-white, grey, tan, or even slightly burgundy. This color change is often accompanied by the appearance of a faint orange, red, or brown dorsal stripe and darker marbling along the flanks and extending onto the tail. The bright ventral coloration remains unchanged. There does not seem to be any consistent explanation for why this occurs, and the duration varies from hours to months. Some individuals may have these variant colors on a permanent basis.
From the culture articles

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