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Introductions Area>“Warm” greetings from Canada 🇨🇦❄️☀️ Axolotls
Dominix 19:51 24th July 2018

My name is DominiqueJolie, I’ve appreciated this site for a long time but only now am posting my first forum!

About me:
I have 3 adult axolotls (2 wild Types, 1 black Mel)

About 4 months ago my female wild and male wild were in the same tank, separated by a barrier until my new tank was set up for my 2 males.

Long story short, my female managed to JUMP the barrier and had just enough time before I realized to apparently conceive 300 eggs.

Anywho: I took this as the beautiful opportunity it was to learn how to raise a few of the eggs. And oh boy was I blessed with beautiful babies! (I found people to care for all but 32 eggs- which I kept)

1 egg was fertilized, but the baby did not survive the hatching process. Another passed away about a week later. (Darwinism is sad but relevant in “breeding” whether intentional breeding or not)

All the remaining 30 babies grew up happy and healthy- as far as I’m concerned.
I adopted over half of them out already at 2.5”-4.5” over the past 2 months. :’)
I only have a few still waiting for their forever homes ♥

A lot of the information I’ve needed along the way has presented itself through this beautiful community, and as I grow in confidence with axolotl care, I thought that I’d have to become a more active member of the community myself.
I have still, as many of us do, much to learn!

However, forums are a great way to get a wide view on pet care in general from hands on experience from pet owners around the world- to experiences individuals
(I believe forum digging should be accompanied with research from reputable sites: ie- )

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and thank all of the wonderful people out there who have helped others and continue to help me on my journey as an animal enthusiast and lover.

The colours my wilds produced: white albinos, golden albinos, wild types, black melanoids!!

Of anyone sees this and would like to see my beautiful baby axies: I’ll find out how to post photos of them!

-Good Vibes-

Hayleyy 10:20 25th July 2018
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing pics!!

juliesr 13:24 7th August 2018
There should be a "No, I prefer newts" option.

Otterwoman 11:42 13th August 2018
Originally Posted by juliesr:
There should be a "No, I prefer newts" option.
I second that, but Welcome to the forum!

Churr0 03:38 23rd April 2019
lol, I had newts growing up I loved them. Friend of mine has babies and I just could not pass one up.

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