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Fire-Belly & Sword-Tail Newts (Cynops & Hypselotriton)>Cynops ensicauda popei
aaron 20:53 5th June 2003
Does anyone know if they develop more gold flecks after metamorphasis? I have five that just morphed, and only one has a few faint gold spots.


paul 11:31 6th June 2003
Hi Aaron,

some have this flecks direkt after metamorphosis, other develope flecks within the first year, sometimes within two years.


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jennifer 12:36 6th June 2003
Mine have been morphed for about 3 months, and they seem to be developing the flecks gradually over that time. However, there are still a couple with no flecks at all, and I suspect they will never have much color.

aaron 15:02 6th June 2003
Thanks for the answers. Ok, so there is some hope. Now I won't have to try to sell them off as "rare ungold gold dust newts." Click the image to open in full size.

We'll have to see how they turn out, then.


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