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eFaN 10:56 26th December 2008
just got home the other day and was shocked to find that my newt was not inside his temporary tank! ive already secured the tank top tightly with a net . so i stripped the tank bare and check every corner of my room (hoping my cat have not gotten him first). wen finally i check my hang on filter (the last place i could think of) , it was there..

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size...

i put him back into the tank and observed him and this is what i saw..

Click the image to open in full size.

anyone encountered this before? thinking of stuffing something into the mouth of the waterfall. i have since moved him into a larger tank and hoping this will not happen again haha.

Azhael 11:09 26th December 2008
I dont really know if those filters have something inside that could harm the newt, but id really advice you to remove the filter if it triggers this kind of behaviour...
Also im unsure why the newt might be seeking to go up there...probably enjoying the current, but it could also mean its the only way the newt can find to scpe the tank, which means theres something should probably check just to discard the possibility.

By the way, youve got a good hand with cameras

Otterwoman 12:58 26th December 2008
Yes, I'll bet he's playing in the current. I've had newts do that, and also, play in the air bubbles from the bubbler.

coendeurloo 13:25 26th December 2008
you could also stuff some filter material in the output so he can't climb in there anymore. It doesn't look like a place where he could harm himself though.

Red guy 08:18 31st December 2008
wow your photos are so clear and crisp what equipment did you use...?
also on the problem i think hang on the back filters are too much of a pain to newt proof your better of with an internal canister or an external canister.

Kaysie 15:58 31st December 2008
That tank looks REALLY small. How big is it?

I suspect he's trying to get to fresh water by heading upstream.

spoons 01:07 4th January 2009
im with kaysie , that tank is WAY too small for that lovely newt !

eFaN 19:35 4th January 2009
yep tank is way to0 small for em. thats just temporary though. now in 10 gallon =)

Azhael 20:05 4th January 2009
10gallons is more like it. All newts enjoy having a lot of space to swim :)
By the way, please check your private messages, you need to specify a complete name and a nationality.

eFaN 21:44 5th January 2009
yeap . that boy seems much happier now haha.

uh oh didnt notice i had private messages! haha alrite ive already updated it.


Azhael 21:54 5th January 2009
Thanx for modifying your profile :)

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