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Default My best Caudate photos of 2017

With 2017 coming to an end, i thought i'd share my best Caudate photos of this year.

EDIT: Sorry for linking the photos to my album, posting them directly didn't work as they were blow wayyy up. No idea why or how to fix it. My apologies.

Some of the photos might be distorted, and the quality is reduced when uploaded to this website. Not sure why that happens. Also, some of you may have seen some of these photos on other threads or on Facebook, so i hope you don't mind seeing them again
I'll go in order from when the photo was taken.

First off, here's a larval Dicamptodon tenebrosus collage, showing various views of the animal. This was a very small larvae, about 1.5-2 inches, and you can see his heart in the belly shot.

Next, both adult and juvenile Plethodon vehiculum, in a "whiteout" collage.

Here are two shots of an adult female Ambystoma macrodactylum macrodactylum. I really like these shots and are probably my favorite of my photos of this species.

This is a female Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis. She was actually gravid! You can't see in the photo, but this female was carrying eggs, something i'd never seen in person with this species before.

Here's another Ensatina subspecies, the beautiful Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica. This male was found in the bay area of California with my friend Advyth (AdvythAF on here).

This was a first for me - a Taricha granulosa mating ball! I've always wanted to see one and thanks to the help of a friend i was able to.

Here's another Taricha granulosa, this time a single, probably gravid, female. One of the many i was lucky enough to find this year.

This female Ambystoma gracile wasn't too happy to see me, as you can tell by the toxin she's secreted on her tail. She settled down for the photo, though. This was also one of the biggest gracile I've seen, she was huge.

And another Ensatina ssp! This time its my male Ensatina eschscholtzii picta

Here's a whiteout photo of my female Tylototriton yangi. I'll be taking some shots of her offspring soon

Yet another whiteout shot, this one of my male Taricha granulosa. Here he's in his terrestrial phase, but as i type this he's starting to come into breeding dress. Fingers crossed for eggs (it's about time!).

My male Ensatina e. picta stars in another photo, this time a little closer up

This is one of my personal favorites, one of my larval Tylototriton yangi. This one i believe has morphed out now, along with 11 others.

The first photo of this style I've taken with this natural black background (no editing or artificial backgrounds), of a Plethodon vehiculum.

And lastly, taken yesterday, a subadult Ambystoma gracile closeup, probably my best of this species.

2017 has been a great year for my Caudate hobby, both in herping, photography, and keeping. Here's hoping 2018 will be even better!

I hope you all enjoyed the photos. If anyone would be interested in buying prints, let me know. I've never sold any before but i'm open to the idea of it.

Happy new year everyone,

I keep Ambystoma, Cynops, Taricha, Tylototriton, Salamandra, Ensatina, and Dicamptodon. Always interested in more Tylototriton or Taricha.

Last edited by sde; 1st January 2018 at 05:48. Reason: Had to change photos to photo links. Photos were too large
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