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Axolotl tank set-ups, filters, substrate Discussions on tanks, temperature, filters, gravel, lights etc.



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Default Is my planned aquarium set up adequate?


I am planning on using my planted aquarium (housing currently only malawa shrimp, which I don't mind if they get eaten, though I am hoping they are able to hide and reproduce at a similar rate that they get eaten) to house axolotls.

This aquarium is 100X40X50cm and has 200l (39,97 inches long 19,685 inches high and 15,748 inches wide, with 52,834 US Gal).

Where I live gets over 30C (86F) on a regular basis, but I did get a chiller from a friend, which I plan on using.

My aquarium has CO2 injection and a (fine) substrate for planted aquariums. It also has carpet plants, which cover most of it.

To counter the PH lowering effect CO2 injection has, I bought a couple rocks that naturally elevate the PH, and they seem to be working just fine. My tapwater PH is 7.6 most of the time and the PH in the aquarium never seems to go under 7.2 or so

My plan is to put 4 axolotls in this tank, and keep the temperature at 22C (71,6F). I would also like to add a few mollies, so that the axolotls have something to hunt from time to time (their fry).

Do you think I have a solid plan? Is my temperature, although close to the upper limit tolerated by axolotls, adequate to keep them in the long term? Is my tank big enough for 4 fully grown axolotls?
If I ever see any nipping behavior from the mollies, I would immediately remove them.

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Default Re: Is my planned aquarium set up adequate?

Roaming parameters of 12x30in per axolotl is nice for them, temp. should be between 65-72 degrees farenheit, although they can handle, at the safest; 78 degrees farenheit. To prevent nipping, keep them well fed, although adults typically don't attack each other.

My question to you is how to you post to this list, because I need help with a sick axolotl and I'm not sure how people put their posts up...

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