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Crocodile Newts (Tylototriton & Echinotriton)... Two popular genera of Asian newts, the crocodile newts are diverse of habit, habitat, and appearance. The Mandarin or Emperor Newt, Tylototriton shanjing, is highly sought after.



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I was almost tempted to post this in News and Announcements... but I just wanted to tell EVERYONE that yesterday morning I had my first batch of Himalayan Crocodile newt eggs!
Anyway, beyond thanking John for his patient support and advice, I am full of questions...

1) JC's care sheet mentions - to paraphrase - photoperiod may be a factor... I have been wondering why now?... the only different variable I can think of is that trouble with my aquarium light starter meant a slightly shorter day for them. I thought extra light would promote breeding not less - unless it was relative length ie when the normal longer day had followed the shorter day - if that makes sense. The next day - problem having been solved -he was tail-fanning her. A couple of days later and I had eggs. Just wondered if there had been any more research into this or if anyone had observations or experience relevant here?

2) Today he is nudging her again, following her about, getting in the way of wherever she wants to go etc! (And then there is that glint is his eye...) So could there be another batch on the way soon? I have been so focussed on the eggs... now I am wondering what to expect if an aquarium divider is not installed as birth control...?

3) Re the tail-fanning: at the risk of asking a very ignorant question... is this a visual cue or there is a pheremonal / olfactory element to it (or both)?

Cheers for suggestions and support!

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