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Sick Axolotl?>Does my axolotol have short toe syndrome
DanMeat 21:42 13th December 2019

I have a juvenile axolotol and his feet look different to other ones that I have. I am worried he has short toe syndrome....

He was far bigger than his brothers and sisters, all of which have since been rehomed but we decided to keep this guy.

If anyone can tell if he has it or not from the pics I would appreciate it. Images attached.

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Otterwoman 15:58 14th December 2019
I have never heard of "short toe syndrome." Is it fatal?

DanMeat 08:26 15th December 2019
It is a genetic abnormality that interferes with an axolotols ability to regenerate its body. According to online sources it is unfortunately always fatal as it ultimately leads to organ failure, necessitating that the animal be euthanised to spare it suffering.

Looking for a second opinion as do not want to do so unnecessarily, still got my fingers crossed that he just has small feet. There isn't much online to aid me with diagnosis...

Kitan 14:13 16th December 2019
So first, please know I am new to axolotl keeping and have NO practical experience in this matter.

From my research, unless your Axolotl has undergone limb regeneration, I would say that he very likely does have short toe syndrom :'( I really hope I am mistaken, but here are some valid supporting documentation:

There are some pictures in there

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