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Red face Hi! New axolotl owner here

Hi all, I'm new to this site so I figured I'd say hello! I also wanted to ask, I recently bought a juvenile axolotl and I was wondering if he/she would be ok in a tank without sand at the bottom or if I should buy some? Do they do better in a tank with sand at the bottom? I have read up online about both sides (people who say axolotls are stressed by having no sand, people who say they are just fine).

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Default Re: Hi! New axolotl owner here

Hello and welcome.

Small axies are better of without sand in my personal experience. After they reach around 7-10cm having sand becomes less of an issue ( even if they swallow some can easly be passed).Mine axies like sand more than they did bare bottom from what I can tell. Easier to grip, no bottom reflections , allows you to have planted tank for hiding places etc.

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Default Re: Hi! New axolotl owner here

Hi there! I'm new too. Joined yesterday. I actually have 2 juveniles, have had conflicting advice as well about how to set up the tank. I had gravel in there, but my axie was slow and listless. Got advice from the guy who sold me live bloodworms for them, he said "GET THE GRAVEL OUT". I bought another baby from him and modeled my tank after his, which seemed to be quite happily supporting at least 15 baby axolotls. He had nothing but glass bottom, a few hidey spaces, and some live plants.

My babies seem very happy following that model. They gobble down bloodworms like it's their job.

I have a bigger axolotl too in a different tank, he's about 7 inches so I didn't want to cram him in with the babies. But he likes the sand/gravel-less bottom as well, as long as there's somewhere for him to hide/climb on

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Default Re: Hi! New axolotl owner here

I had sand for quite some time, but just recently I removed it because it kept fogging up my tank. Now I have a bare bottom tank and my axolotls seem much happier with it than the sand. It's easier for them to eat the pellets off the ground and it's nicer for me because the tank is always clear :) I also can easily suck up their waste and uneaten pellets (with a turkey baster) without sucking up sand as well! Either way is fine though, so whatever you decide I'm sure your axie will be happy with :)

~ Isabella ~
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