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Newt and Salamander Help Got a problem? Ill newt? Basic questions? Ask about them here.



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Default Good beginner newts and salamanders

I am not new here, but mostly use the Caudata Culture part, so I am not that experienced with the forums. I am interested in semi-aquatic newts and salamanders and would like to know if there are any good for beginners. I am not too good at navigating this forum, but if anyone could either answer my question directly or point me in the direction of similar threads, that would be great. Thanks!

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Default Re: Good beginner newts and salamanders

Hello there!

I have tiger salamanders (aquatic to terrestrial) and I have also had fire belly newts (mostly aquatic - minimal land action)!

The tiger salamanders are super easy and sooooo cute! I rescued mine from a bait store (how horrible is it that people would use them as bait :'( ). anyways I just fed them worms and minnows as larva and allowed them to meta-morph and now I feed them crickets, cut up earthworms, and occasionally wax worms. I have had them for 11 years and I think they can live to be 25 in captivity??? no lights needed, no heaters, they are very content in a tank in my basement with sphagnum moss and a water dish to swim in. the hardest part has been keeping them eating in the winter. They slow down and it always makes me nervous, but they haven't died yet!!! I use them as educational animals in my classroom and the kids love to watch them eat! They are very animated and can easily be fed by had. sadly though if you are looking for a semi aquatic lifestyle for they whole lives these might not be the ones :/

I received my fire belly newts from a middle school teacher way back in the day. I had no clue of how long she had them before giving them to me, but they lived for I think 5 years??? I can't remember. they were very very cute little critters. They need mostly water, but I think I remember them also needing a little land to crawl on. I fed them frozen blood worm cubes, they were very cute eaters. um.... I can't remember much else about those.

Hopefully this is what you are looking for??? hope I helped


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Default Re: Good beginner newts and salamanders

Spanish ribbed newts are great beginner newt. Fully aquatic and easy to feed. They will eat pellets and CB. Two colors wild and luecistic (white).

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