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Unhappy Help !!! Urgent

This is a long story but please read, I REALLY need help and long story short, my axie ended up on the floor with my cat looking at him and I don't know how long he was there, maybe a couple minutes.

I have had my axie for not even a week now and I had messed up the cycle by putting too much bacteria into my 29g tank from this red bottle I can't think of the name now. But it is supposed to rid of nitrates and ammonia, but later on I read it isn't as effective in larger tanks. The ammonia 2 days ago was .25 ppm so I changed the water, added 20mg of bacteria and in the morning, the ammonia was at 2 ppm. I messed up, I know.

I put him in a container he was in when I received him and he was in my fridge for 3-4 hours, and I took him out and put him on my desk in front of of my air conditioner with a heavier makeup bag sitting on it so my cat wouldn't knock him off, and I left for 30 minutes and he ended up pushing him off the desk onto the floor. He wasn't in the water spot but his container landed on him and protected him from my cat. His gills were showing some signs of stress yesterday by curling forward, and now even more so. His tail tip isn't u'd but he will lay on his arm and sometimes look like it's not there (but it's still in contact) but he is now in a 10g tank with HOB low rate filter, bare bottomed, 1 moss ball, and 1 fake plant. I am still a beginner with aquariums, especially with axolotls. I didn't know juvies needed to be in 10g tanks and 29g would be too large for him. I tried to feed him today but he looked at the food and walked away. He is now currently laying on his side and his will flicker slow, the temp in the water is 68-69, and I have a towel laying over his tank to help keep it cool and dark. I'm very scared he will pass from stress, but is there anything I can do to help him, other than give him time?

My nitrite levels are at 0, nitrate is less than 5, and my ammonia was at 1. I did a water change and haven't tested the water, because I've read it isn't accurate until a day later.

Please help me, I am desparate!!!

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Default Re: Help !!! Urgent

There's nothing you can really do but keep him cool and quiet for a while and once he gets over the trauma, he should start eating again.

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help and advice needed, help maintaining

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