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Kingfisher 13:50 23rd July 2019

Does anyone know what is growing on my driftwood? This is are not new piece.It has been boiled and has been in my tanks for over 6 months.

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elustig 18:57 24th July 2019
I have had that on my driftwood too, and it eventually went away. You could probably just scrub it off occasionally until it goes away! I don't think it's harmful

KumquatSquats 19:56 25th July 2019
its a bacteria from what ive read, almost like an algae? shrimp or snails would eat it but its not harmful.... just ugly (i have a clump of this in my tank now too, its gross so i try and suck it off the wood when i do water changes)

Kingfisher 23:35 25th July 2019
Thanks! I have been cleaning them when I do my water changes when they get too nasty looking.

Tags:algae, driftwood, fungus, slime
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