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Abbyl 15:57 8th August 2018
I just recently got an axolotl and it is time for her to move onto earthworms. I am planning on feeding her nightcrawlers but I'm not sure where to get them. I know you can't feed them worms from baitshops because of chemicals so I want to order online. If anyone has website suggestions please let me know. Also how often should I feed her? I plan to chop up the worms to easier sizes to swallow and feed her 1 worm a day for now. When she gets older I plan to move her up to 2 worms. I would like to know how often to feed her and if my plan is good?

Hayleyy 03:52 9th August 2018
I've heard a lot of people getting them from baitshops, you just need to ask and see what they keep the worms in. I'm not in the US so can't suggest any particular online sites but if no one else suggests anything, most suppliers should have a contact section so you can ask them.
The place here in AUS that I order from says on their website that the worms are suitable both for fishing and pets so are free from any bad chemicals, so keep an eye out for that

Otterwoman 10:55 9th August 2018
Yes, usually places that sell them for bait. I get mine at a chain of convenience stores.

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