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eljorgo 03:20 18th March 2010
Hey folks,
I´ve noticed that from when i recieved my Paramesotriton in late December till now the almost orange colour of the male is poorer than brown... And female´s glooming red is nothing more than a slight glance of orange when comparing with first pictures I took them...Paramesotriton are heavy feeders so its obvious i will not feed them 1mm daphnia or bloodworms that even being rich in carotenes, are not accepted by these monsters... Do what short of thing could I provide them to get back some of their belly beauty?
I am really blind in how to provide carotenes to animals that need a 15cm earthworm per week!
Thanks for time,

Joost 07:34 18th March 2010
Even large newts likes to eat Daphnia and other small food.
(btw: bloodworms are totaly not rich in carotenes)

Azhael 12:54 18th March 2010
True, bloodworms are not a good source of carotenes.
You can inject a solution of a commercial enhancer into the earthworms. If done properly it works rather well.
You can also feed bigger crustaceans, which are the best natural source.

eljorgo 13:20 18th March 2010
Originally Posted by Azhael:
You can also feed bigger crustaceans, which are the best natural source.
humm... Can you be more specific?


Azhael 14:00 18th March 2010
Gammarids, isopods, fresh water shrimp.....
Avoid wild animals, since they are vectors for a variety of parasites.

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