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Otterwoman 15:01 26th May 2018
This stuff has infested three of my tanks. Does anyone know if this stuff will hurt the newts? I"m thinking of taking the newts out anyway while I treat the tank. It's either that or throw out all the plants in the tanks and start over.

(Ultra life blue green slime stain remover)

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RoreyRoreyRorey 15:18 26th May 2018
I am not positive, but I don’t think the algae is harmful as long as you have a bubbler or something in the tank? Algae can be harmful because it sucks oxygen out of water, but it doesn’t do too much in a tank with a bubbler. I had a bunch of it in my tank with my Barred Larvae Toothless, he loved hiding in the stuff. Do you know if it is Blue green algae or blue green slime? Blue green slime is not actually algae, but Cyanobacteria, and I don’t know how that would affect amphibians. The Cyanobacteria can be pretty easily killed by reducing light and scraping it out. Also I have heard using 200 mg erythromycin phosphate per 10 gallons water will kill it, but I don’t know if that is safe for amphibians.

JM29 17:47 26th May 2018
Hello !

Cyanobacteria use to grow well in waters where Phosphorous is in excess. This happens when :
- your tank and substrate have just been whashed up, filled again with clean water without nitrates but there is some Phosphorous in the substrate,
- your tank has been doing well for months and Phosphorous has accumulated.

Some food (pellets for example) seem to accelerate the process.
Changing the water is an efficient way of diminishing the nitrates, but is inefficient concerning Phosphorous besause the major part of it is in the substrate.
Scaping the cyanobacteria off is only a short-term solution.

I hope this will help a little.

aquariara 14:24 9th July 2019
Hi Otterwoman,

Did you ever end up trying the Ultralife product?
I've tried everything to get rid of the cyanobacteria in my newt tank, short of bleaching the whole system which is 100 gallons with a sump and bio-tower.
I would love to try this product but don't want to adversely affect the newties. I've emailed and called the company and can't get a direct answer on amphibian safeness specifically.

Thank you for your input,

Otterwoman 12:34 10th July 2019
No, I ended up cleaning out the tank and getting rid of the plants and starting over. ANd now it's back. Not in all my tanks, just a couple.

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