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juliesr 13:46 2nd August 2018
I have limited captive bred Taricha torosa and Taricha sierrae for trade. Looking for Cynops ssp and Tylototriton ssp.

juliesr 12:27 4th August 2018
Here's a pic

Attached Images IMG_20180804_072350.jpg (625.3 KB) 
juliesr 16:52 13th August 2018
I have a couple left. I will sell the group of 5 for $400 shipped.

juliesr 01:59 11th October 2018
There are a couple left and one small group of aquatic torosa juvies.

Markosd 00:27 15th October 2018
These are very similar to granulosa, do you know the difference, can these cross breed? How long until they're aquatic?

juliesr 12:19 15th October 2018
The lower eyelid on torosa is yellow, not dark like the upper eyelid. I'm unaware of crossbreeding between the two but it's not advised to do so. As stated in my comment above I have one aquatic group but it will cost more as those individuals took time to acclimate to water. The terrestrial individuals may take to water if given a 50/50 setup.

Raelynn1102 02:42 28th October 2018
Any left?

juliesr 13:19 1st November 2018
Pm'd you

Dimitris 23:28 1st November 2018
Iím pretty interested in these. Do you have any left?

angelpoe07 19:19 4th August 2019
Do you still breed? I'd be very interested!

Kilgs 17:43 7th August 2019
I am also interested. Can you please PM me prices/data?

(In MN).

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