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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum)>Help my axolotl is sick
TotallyNew2This 12:14 31st May 2019
My axolotl has not been for 3 weeks now and he is decreasing in size. Another axolotl has bitten his leg the other day and it's now just hanging. I really need help as he does not look great at all.

TotallyNew2This 13:20 31st May 2019
Not been eating*

KumquatSquats 20:40 31st May 2019
if im reading correctly they were bitten and the limb is only partly severed? if thats the case you might have to remove the dead foot (ideally have a vet do this) before it can heal correctly. Axolotl healing is triggered by nerve damage, if the main nerve of that foot is still on the attached part it may be inhibiting healing. im not an expert however so please consult an exotic vet first before making that call.

did they stop taking food before or after the injury? with a messy injury like this one sounds like, infection is a worry.

TotallyNew2This 00:26 1st June 2019
Before. It was bitten a few days ago, but hasn't eaten for 3 maybe 4 weeks. He's gone from being 20 cm to 8 cm. .

KumquatSquats 18:17 4th June 2019
wow a month is a long time to refuse feedings,have you tried offering different foods yet? i know the medical page here has instructions on how to force feed an axolotl if it come to that but it can be pretty stressful for them.

Giuseppe 15:53 9th June 2019
First step I'd seperate them from the axolotl who bit them as they may be refusing food due to stress. Try offering different foods. Are their other signs of illness? Fungus, impaction, infection ect?

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