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capn 12:16 26th September 2015

So, my axolotl is currently in a ten gallon tank, and I want to move him to a twenty gallon I was able to get recently. I've read that, since axolotls don't like water currents, a smaller filter in a bigger tank would be good to use. So, I want to keep using my 10 gal filter in the 20 gal tank (if this is actually safe).

Would it be possible to just siphon the water from one tank into the other and add the filter and decorations (and axolotl) slowly as the water drains, and then add in new water bit by bit to fill up the tank? My main concern is keeping the good culture I have already established in the old tank going in the new one.

Or would it just be better to cycle the second tank, and then add in the decorations and axolotl, and- if that's better- is there a way to cycle a tank without a filter?

headFeed 08:25 30th September 2015
I have a 10 gal tank too and am planning on getting a bigger one. I'm curious about this too? It would be much easier and quick to keep the cycle. It doesn't sound like a bad idea as long as the new tank is clean... Hopefully someone who has experience with this replies because I have the same question!

Ronwel1 15:15 30th September 2015
I think you would be better off using a bigger filter, and putting something in the tank to slow the current (a big flat rock right under the outlet), you'll have a lot less maintenance and over all better water quality. When I upgraded to a bigger tank I used half of the water, gravel,(don't let it dry), and most of the filter media from the old tank to Kickstart the new one. I still gave it a week to be sure, and everything went fine.

Zs Axolotls 15:27 1st October 2015
I upgraded from 60G to 180G and put all new water and all new filter media
The axos were a bit out of way with nothing eating for a day or two but then they loved the new clean water

As long as the water is same temp and healthy, u can change it all

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Richie373 16:35 1st October 2015
Firstly, yes it is safe to transfer everything over.
But the best thing would probably be to keep the axolotl(s) in a separate container whilst transferring everything over to the larger tank in case of accidental falling of ornaments and allows you more time to muck around with the arrangement !
You can use the old filter and media for a while, until if and when you upgrade you can change the filter media from your old filter into the new one to try and conserve your old culture.

capn 00:58 2nd October 2015
Thanks everyone!

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