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LillyRose 18:22 2nd February 2018
Hi everyone! The site suggested I post an introduction so why not? I'm Lillian and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I've been keeping herps for over 10 years since I was in 3rd grade and currently house 3 fire bellied toads, a bearded dragon, and a western spadefoot toad. While this is my first post from this account, I used to be pretty active on this site when I was 11/12 years old but I've since lost the account info which is probably for the best haha. As far as caudates go, currently I don't keep any but in the past I had a couple of really fun and personable fire bellied newts. I have recently become re-enamored by these creatures and am now in the process of setting up a vivarium to hopefully get a couple of fire salamanders soon. I've learned so much reading through posts on this site already and I'm excited to make posts of my own!

Jensino 18:42 2nd February 2018
Welcome back! ^^

LillyRose 19:32 2nd February 2018

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