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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum)>How to encourage eating? Hot axolotl- not taking food
WasabiThumbs 12:20 11th July 2019
My axolotl has been going through some tough times lately but has been holding up just fine, with no physical signs of malaise. The only problem is that our A/C stopped working and the only barrier between my axolotl and the warm Pennsylvania summer air is a high-power fan chiller. It does wonders and keeps it at or below 70, but it can sometimes raise over. I am very aware that this is not optimal for axolotls and we are doing our best to get AC back on ASAP, for both me and the little axie. It seems that he has taken off food for the past few days and is now releasing a thin green excrement. I have seen other posts detailing how the green stool is usually linked to lack of food. Anywho, is there anything I can do but wait out the AC repair and keep him as cool as I possibly can?

Thank you all!