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Starryknights 21:39 9th September 2019
Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to fasten an egg crate light diffuser to my tank as a lid. I have a cat who likes to be up high, and I'm worried she might knock the lid off the tank and fall in. I have been looking at babyproof locks without much luck. If you have any suggestions for fasteners or alternate lids that would be wonderful. I do need something that fans can blow through because I don't have a chiller. Thanks for the help!

Wyvell 22:10 10th September 2019
I usually just break it down into a piece that will sit inside the top frame o the tank and my cat wont be able to knock it off or pull it up because she would have to be on top of it to do that. if you have a rimless tank, I am not sure what you could do to prevent this.

Hayleyy 05:49 18th October 2019
I made a lid for my rimless tank out of mesh and flyscreen door rod (no idea what it's actually called, I hope it makes sense lol. I'll link what I bought). The metal frame has grooves that fit on the glass. I just cut 4 pieces to size and glue them into a rectangle. I then glue the mesh on. Instead of the mesh you could glue the egg crate to the metal frame?
Hope that might help!

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