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Axolotl tank set-ups, filters, substrate>Setting up this tank and am impatient
leanniexo 23:15 26th April 2018
So I'm setting up a new tank for a future axolotl. I'm impatient when it comes to water cycling. The tank is currently a 20gal. Long. However I have a 20 gallon tank that has had 6 fish in it for 4 months. No obvious signs of disease or parasites as all my fish are healthy etc. My question is could I possibly add some water from that tank to my axolotl tank to speed up the process of getting some good bacteria in there?

Hayleyy 02:38 27th April 2018
Instead of adding the water use some decorations and/or filter media. Bacteria live on the surfaces rather than in the water so it will speed up the process :)

Tags:cycling, new tank
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