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Sick Axolotl?>Axolotl *sniffing* food and only eating each 2 days
kiwi32 00:57 20th November 2009
This thread is closely related to this one:

So as an update of the situation of the tiny white axoltol,I am having trouble feeding him.He will get out of his hiding place(where he is most of the time compared with the other axol who looks happy and healthy moving arround)and come near the krill piece I feed him on the chopstick;then,depending of the time,he will either chomp at it and eat it completely or sniff it.In the second option,the axol ussually open the mouth,somethimes chomp weakly,and after a while he will go away.He does look interested when i first put the chopstick in front of him at first but he does't try to eat it.You can see in the vid that the other have no problem eating

Oh,and for the pebbles,I contacted my petshop to order bigger one yesterday.


Azhael 03:44 20th November 2009
If it shows interest but loses it soon, it probably is just because the animal is well fed and doesn´t have much of an apetite. Eating every 2 days is definitely nothing to be concerned about, in fact its a healthy apetite.
Anyway, i suposse you´re trying other foods, since krill is not an ideal fodder item, like earthworms or bloodworms. It´s not unusual for a caudate to grow "tired" of a certain food and loose interest for a while, and that´s when variety comes to the rescue.

kiwi32 14:49 20th November 2009
Thanks for your reply!
What worry me is that it is very tiny.Also,it just doesn;t look healthy.It is hiding most of the day.

Right now I only feed them Krill:it is because its winter here and earthworms are not avalaible(under 1m of snow).

I am just going to keep trying to feed him I guess.If you have an other idea let me know.

Azhael 16:20 20th November 2009
Hiding is very normal. These are animals that avoid light and like to hide.
I insist that you need variety in food. I understand that earthworms are unavailable now, trust me hehe, but you should try other foods like blooodworms, blackworms, daphnia, brine shrimp...
They are all available in petshops or online. You might also want to check local fish bait shops or wal-mart or stuff like that to see if they have earthworms (they should have them even during winter).

kiwi32 14:39 21st November 2009
I will try bloodworms on sunday.I really hate them bacause I find them hard to feed and messy,but I prefer this to a dead axol
I do know that axolotls spend most of their time hiding,but he looks *strange*-its hard to explain.

Thanks for your help!

blueberlin 15:30 21st November 2009
Hi kiwi32,

You can put the bloodworms into a jar or teacup or such - fill the cup with tank water and then add the bloodworms, then put the cup slowly into the tank so that the bloodworms don't get washed out of the cup. Set the cup on the bottom of the tank. The axolotls will find the bloodworms soon enough, and the cup helps keep the mess in one place, easy to remove afterwards.

If you feel something is wrong with your axolotl, you can always take him to a vet for a check-up.


kiwi32 00:13 22nd November 2009
Thanks for your imput.If you take a look at the first thread,you will se that this tip has already been given,and I did tried it,but some worms are floating when I put them in the jar.

I will still feed him some worms tommorow to see if he eats or not,but I will first try with krill(he have not eaten anything for 4 days now).

Have a good evening.

melfly 17:27 24th November 2009
From what i can see from the video the axolotl looks ok not starving or anything.
At that size they do prefer something wriggly. Can you get hold of live bloodworms where you are?
Mine loved them.
Also just a little note. Be careful of the stick your using to feed on. If its sharp it could injure as the axies get older and more aggressive when feeding. They tend to snap with force. Just dont want an axie losing an eye or anything plastic forceps should do the trick without risk of injury


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