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John 19:23 13th May 2019
Shipping FedEx Priority overnight at cost with pickup at FedEx staffed location only. Shipping not included in animal prices and will need to be calculated. All animals captive bred by me.

Salamandra s. salamandra juveniles available. Animals were dropped as larvae in Jan and Feb 2019 and they range about 5-7cm (2-2.5 inches). These are younger than I usually sell but are eating and growing fine on 1/8"-1/4" crickets and bean weevils. Live arrival is guaranteed but due to the young age please be prepared to take care of these and do your research. $70 each, 4+ will receive a discount. Also, a percentage of all sales will be donated to fund salamander research in Guatemala. Photo attached from 2 weeks ago of the most advanced 8. They've grown since this.

I will have other fires for sale this year but these may be the last S. s. salamandra juveniles until 2021 due to different breeding priorities.

I accept PayPal only and I reserve the right to pick buyers based on reputation if necessary.

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Gimpel 20:49 13th May 2019
Very interested. Would you PM me at ? Thanks!

Otterwoman 13:41 14th May 2019
Times like this I really miss that "like" button!!

ndbug 15:01 14th May 2019
I literally thought the same thing I was looking for it when I read this post haha.

fishmanejr 00:09 15th May 2019
John - I am interested in four and sent you a PM. Thanks!

Srgross82 20:19 20th May 2019
Hi John! Any still available? Thank you!

John 05:01 24th May 2019
I am working through the list of people who contacted me initially. I don't think I will have any spares. I will have some Salamandra s. gallaica "Serra de Arrábida" youngsters available soon if you missed out on these Salamandra s. salamandra.

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