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Axolotl Gallery>My axie tank (as promised)
amy 17:05 31st December 2004
well, the new camaras <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> so i went back to the old one. heres the axie tank. sorry its not great at the moment. im not really finished aquascaping yet. basically in there is a glass jar with sand in the bottom (their beloved dome), a plastic tub (their cave which advocarr hides behind on his side for some reason.... is that normal???), a piece of slate for bailey to lay the sperm doodahs on (bailey had another practice last night Click the image to open in full size. ), theres some sand in there which both i and the axies love. it actually isnt as dirty as i thought it would be. any dollops i find are easy to see and i get them out with a turkey baster. there is a piece of driftwood in there too. they have a poxy filer in there at the moment. im yet to get round to putting their new one in... there are also some river stones and gems in there. i was trying to build up the sand round the sides of the cave to disguise it a bit more. anyone else had success doing this? i spent most of last night trying to do it and failed. any tips??? btw, the axie in the dome is bailey, the wildtype at the front is tia and the golden one is advocarr. anyway, sorry to bore you all with that, some people might be interested. here is the tank.

cynthia 17:59 31st December 2004
Cute axies there Amy. Same colors I have 1 gold 2 green Click the image to open in full size.

Bailey looks like he is prepared to fight for that jar lol

What size tank is that?

mik 18:49 31st December 2004
Amy, looks like a tank. Keep an eye on the colour of your water I found that driftwood made the water turn brown after a while. I don't use any now.

jenny 19:19 31st December 2004
a couple of mine go on their side behind the filter or an ornament. i think they just lke tight covered spaces so they feel more secure.

eric 03:05 2nd January 2005
Unsoaked driftwood usually releases tannin into the water. If you soak it in a bucket for a couple of weeks, changing the water every now and then, I read that you can deplete it's tannin or something.

veronica 03:14 2nd January 2005
Or stick the wood in your Piranha tank to release tannin in there and discolor the water because the piranhas like it dark and murky.

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