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Axolotl General Discussion>As promised photos of my axies :) If you can help me post them!
sheena22 20:27 30th October 2011
I have just sent some to the photo competition email, so hopefully they will all be on the photo comp thread soon, because am i aloud to put them on here if ive already sent them in to the photo comp ?

This is really to show the masses my female axolotl has grown had her just over a year probably, ill ask my bf when i got her for more around the time when i can.

I got her before christmas last year and she is absolutely tiny. not sure of exact date when i got her but the photos say dates.

Could you help me post them on this thread please im having a few troubles! Because I havent got a url or anything

carsona246 20:43 30th October 2011
put them on photobucket

sheena22 20:48 30th October 2011
They are in my albums now on this thanks carsona i havent the time tonight i will another day though to make my life easier!

The dates of the photos are as shown on each photo and you can see how much she has grown.

Only one photo of my little wildtype hes not very old at all only had him about 3 months now, and the pinky ive had just over a year, i cant remember exact times for the leucistic as she was a surprise and we had a lot of problems where the shop didnt want her as she was eating the others legs, dont worry all problems with the shop have been resolved now :)

sheena22 20:53 30th October 2011
Please take a look Just to let everyone know the bits of browny stuff in the pictures is bits of bogwood and i struggle to pick them up hope you all love them as much as I do

Jacquie 22:33 30th October 2011
You can post photos directly to a thread as well. Here's a guide:

sheena22 23:26 30th October 2011
OK here goes i completely forgot where that manage attachment button went been so long since i posted a photo!

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sheena22 23:30 30th October 2011
Then these :P wildtype i have had for 3 months and lecuistic just over a year :) The little pink one was her in january 2011 as seen in my photo album and the rest show how much she has grown taken in sept/oct 2011 ! I cant believe my eyes when i compare them.

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