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Sharpie 15:28 24th April 2014
I have 2 year old albino axolotl, looking for it some tank mates. I heard they live longer

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ThoseNewtsTho 16:32 24th April 2014
Gravel is an impaction risk and should be removed. Siliconed down slate, fine sand, and bare bottom would be much better options. If you were to get tank mates, it would have to be a similarly sized axolotl, but Axolotls can be cannibalistic sometimes. How big it the tank?

Sharpie 19:59 25th April 2014
Yes, it ate a few so I took them out. I had looked it up ahead of time and it said it was ok as long as they weren't big enough to choke on them. Is there a way to make it throw up the ones it did eat..or will they pass on its own?
I'm looking some around that size. The tank is a 20 gal. Looking a bigger one also.
Do you know how to tell if that's a boy or girl?

jAfFa CaKe 20:06 25th April 2014
If you can get some better pictures of its cloaca region then we may be able to tell. How old is it?

Sharpie 21:41 25th April 2014
What should I do about the rocks it ate? I read to put it in the fridge..but I'm scared to do that.
I call it mater (nephew named it), but I don't k kw the gender. I've had it lil over 2 yrs.

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