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Tiger Salamander & Axolotl (Ambystoma tigrinum, A. mavortium spp, etc.)>Lighting help
Greenhalgh88 18:24 30th December 2019
Hi. Iím new to this forum. I need some help with my lighting. I have a bio active Terrarium for my tiger salamander with live plants. What kind of light do I use for the plants and not give off heat so it wonít hurt the tiger salamander. Thank you

JoshBA 23:10 31st December 2019
A cheap led fixture/bulb should be sufficient, but it depends on your plants' needs. The cheap screw-in LED bulbs sold as incandescent/fluorescent replacements actually work pretty well for low light plants. However, leds do produce some heat, especially with the higher wattage fixtures designed for plants (although even lower wattage bulbs give off considerable heat). You could raise the light a few inches above the terrarium lid to minimize this issue.

ellenc 07:44 1st January 2020
An aquarium fluorescent fixture works. It can be raised on blocks on top of the terrarium at both ends to minimize heat.

emergent 02:52 7th January 2020
Hey, I'm new to this forum also. I'm coming from the dart frog hobby. I use a Fluval Aquasky LED for my 29 gallon tank. It doesn't produce much heat and the plants are all prospering nicely. My tank stays around 73 F. You can pick it up on-line or in pet stores for around $80.

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