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Axolotl tank set-ups, filters, substrate>Moving house
Quentari 03:01 13th August 2013
So I'm moving house and had everything nicely planned out. Axies were moved in tubs and all my filters/plants/ornaments/hides were in tubs of water so the bacteria would live. Left them at my Nan's overnight and she thought she would "help" me and tip the water out of my tubs.

So apart from having to re-cycle the tanks, what should I do with the ornaments? I'm thinking the bacteria are dead, should I rinse them? Scrub them? Just boiling water?

narny101 06:02 13th August 2013
i suggest you bath them them in really hot ( not boiling) water, it will kill the
bacteria but wont hurt your axie, DO NOT use any soap or cloths that have had soap on them because it may harm your axie when you put them back in the water

Quentari 06:14 13th August 2013
Thanks. I'm putting slate on the base of the tanks so it will be about a week before the stuff can even go back into the tank. Ill get everything cleaned off before it goes back :)

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