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Sick Axolotl?>Wasting disease HELP!!!
Nina Willis 18:36 15th July 2019
I have had and raised axolotls for over 5 years and never seen anything like this. I have had several get very thin (while still eating) and die. Not many other symptoms, I treated for parisites. Nos I have had 2 males drop dead with no symptoms at all! Nothing different with temp or water. I will be tubbing and totally sanatizing the tanks.
Does anyone know what this is? I am going to try treatments for bacterial infections next ti try to rule that out.

KumquatSquats 22:16 15th July 2019
are these juveniles that are wasting?
if so it could be bad breeding, there are a few lethal genetic issues they can have.
if its adults id suspect parasite or viral infection, since you treated for parasites im leaning towards viral so you might want to have a vet test a sample for you

Nina Willis 01:36 16th July 2019
They are adults, the youngest was maybe about 2. All males

KumquatSquats 16:15 17th July 2019
any other symptoms? check for gill changes or cloaca swelling or discoloration

if you have methylene blue it wouldn't hurt to do a round of dips (half fish dose), if its bacterial it could help.

Nina Willis 00:55 21st July 2019
Here are pictures of a female that looked totally fine a few weeks ago.
Toes on another look a tad swolen at the ends, but nothing else that I am seeing.
I am trying furan-2 right now, anythingvelse I can dose them with to try to combat this?

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GemCityAxolotls 22:22 23rd July 2019
Any luck with the Furan 2 treatment?

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