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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) A dedicated topic for those seeking help with Axolotls, showing off your photos, or just to talk about them.



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Default Sudden Axolotl Death?

Hello, Iíve had my axolotls since july so i would say that iím very much a beginner with them. long story short my inexperience led to bad husbandry and all three of my axolotls came down with fungus. upon noticing i quarantined them all and fridged them. i gave them salt baths twice a day for the first three days and have since reduced it to one.
Last night i did my routine of giving them their salt bath and water change. all three were exceptionally active for being fridged, squirming a bit when i picked them up and swimming a bit when put into new water. the only slight abnormality i had noticed was my smallest one had pooped and he seemed a bit pale.
i checked on them this morning and they were all fine but when i got home from work to do the salt baths the smallest one was on his side and was unresponsive, so i figure it safe to assume he has passed, and i was wondering what it was. could he have been too small to handle the treatment and fungus combined

all water was conditioned and salt measures correctly, the fridge is steadily kept at 42 degrees and i have a towel over their indivitual tubs to keep any light out when i open the door even though i have the fridge light off.

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Default Re: Sudden Axolotl Death?

You may have jumped the gun on the fridging in my opinion. Fungus tends to come from poor water quality. Fungus usually self resolves once water is improved. I went through a bout of depression and my axolotls had a couple of fungus episodes due to my lacking in diligent care. I fixed their environment and they are 100% and thriving years after their (and my) recovery. I also use melafix at 1/2 the recommended dose with water changes for good measure.

What is their main home like? Do they live together?
- How many gallons is the tank? Is it filtered enough?
- What are the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels?
- What is their tank temperature?

If we fix their water, they won't have to go through the stress of the fridge. I consider friging a last resort, which is why I've only done it once. The axolotl died because he was adopted and malnourished, dying from MBD and a broken jaw

I know this doesn't currently solve your problem when it comes to fridging advice but I'm so sorry for your loss! We've all been there, and we have all been beginners as well.

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