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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default How to treat camallanus worms

Since there is very little info about this online, I thought I'd share my method for treating camallanus in axolotls (and fish, scaleless fish and inverts). I decided to use levamisole HCl after finding an academic paper in which they used it to treat camallanus in frogs. Using this method, I was able to treat a severe camallanus infestation without losing a single animal.

The problem with levamisole HCl is that people tend to massively overdose since it takes such a small amount. I went with the dose that is reportedly safe for loaches and inverts: 9 mg/gal. Since that's too small to measure even with a spoon scale, we need to convert it to a volume to be able to administer it precisely. Here's the method I used:

1) Dissolve 1/4 tsp in 100 mL of dechlorinated water. Mix well.

2) Add 0.9 mL of the solution per gallon of tank water to be treated. (I measure it with a 1 mL syringe, which I got at the pharmacy.)
Note: the solution needs to be used immediately as it is very unstable. Lights and UV filtration need to be turned off for the duration of the treatment (and carbon removed obviously).
3) After 24h, do a big water change, siphoning up any fallen worms.

4) Repeat in 2 weeks, and again 2 weeks after that.

Here is the logic behind the numbers:
  • 9 mg of powder treats 1 gallon of water
  • 1/4 tsp weighs approximately 1 g (according to several websites)
  • Hence, 1/4 tsp treats 111.111... gallons
  • Dissolving it in 100 mL (99.999... mL) gives the easier to measure 0.9 mL/gallon ratio
Hope this helps!

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Default Re: How to treat camallanus worms

Thank you for sharing, I think we need more of the instructional type threads in the appropriate forum. Anyone sticky this?

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