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Sick Axolotl?>Axolotl not eating and regurgitating worms
MayaAnthony 09:18 28th September 2019
Hello everyone! My axolotl, Xochimilco, isnít eating very much and I am starting to worry about it. Iíve used algaecide in my tank because of all the brown algae it had but Iíve realized that that was probably toxic to axolotls therefor I changed the entire water of the tank and replaced it with fresh dechlorinated tap water. I have a filter and live plants in my tank, perhaps the live plants still carry the algaecide and therefor responsible for axolotlís illness? Please help if you had any experience with algaecide, the active component of it is monoliniron but Iíve used it accordingly to the tanks measurements. I know amphibians are very sensitive to chemicals but this is the 3rd water change that Iíve done, the first two being only half of the tankís water. Thank you in advance!

Prixten 12:17 4th October 2019
What else have you tried feeding it? Are you feeding it a full-size earthworm? If so, try cutting it up then feed it in small amounts.

MayaAnthony 06:10 5th October 2019
Yes I have tried to cut up worms but he just spits them out, luckily I found a solution I am currently feeding it live blood worms. Thanks for you reply though! :)

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